On demand, a list of the main customers of Lybra ambiente e territorio and the most important references on the work carried out can be supplied.

The clients we work with are individuals, businesses, designers, government and research institutions.


Lybra ambiente e territorio operates on the whole national territory with individual experiences in countries of the European Community.


Lybra ambiente e territorio in sixteen years has developed more than 2.500 job orders with more than 700 customers.

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Lybra ambiente e territorio has carried out its professional activities in the area of environmental with:

  • more than 500 redactions and execution of private environmental investigations and Investigation Plans realized with the public administration
  • more than 150 redactions and executions of Excavation Plans, Waste Removal Plans, and Plans of Use
  • more than 100 redactions and execution of Characterization Plans
  • more than 100 redactions of Reclamation Projects
  • more than 50 studies of Risk Analysis
  • more than 100 supervision of activities as part of the Reclamation Projects, Plans of Excavation, and Waste Removal Plans

Lybra ambiente e territorio has carried out its professional activities in the field of geotechnics to support the design of:

  • more than 400 residential projects (buildings mono / multi family, multi-storey, renovations, new subdivisions, underground and above ground parking, subsidence checks)
  • more than 300 industrial projects (new constructions, extensions, subsidence checks)
  • more than 100 commercial and sporting projects (office buildings, shops, sports facilities)
  • more than 50 sensitive structures (school facilities and universities, hospitals, prisons, supermarkets, cemeteries)

Lybra ambiente e territorio has designed more than 200 facilities and built more than 50 complete plants, from the realization of intake and return structures to the interface with heat pumps.
It has extensive experience in both residential and commercial structures, with more than 400.000 cubic meters of built served by our systems.
For some years, in addition to construction
Lybra ambiente e territorio is also involved in the monitoring and maintenance of the intake and return structures with a service based on relevant experience.