We are a company formed by the confluence of professionals from different experiences, both as a area of training as that area of application.


In over 15 years of work we have always respected our fundamental principles that can be summarized in three simple concepts: work ethics, transparency towards the customer, innovation and development of new areas.


These our guidelines, applied regardless of the importance of the work and the customer, have allowed us to grow steadily and continuously over time.

The passion for the issues that characterize us, the commitment to innovate constantly and the reliability of the approach, in recent years, have enabled us to always find solutions to the problems that characterize the challenges of the environment, land and energy.


Lybra ambiente e territorio is formed by a team of eleven technicians with professional skills that go from engineering to geology, environmental sciences, ecology, as well as to ensure a multidisciplinary approach in the study of the environment and in projects development.


The high level persons are:

  • Dott. Geol. Roberto Verro: Managing Director, Responsible for Safety and Person in Charge of Hydrogeological and Geothermal Sectors;
  • Dott. Geol. Alberto Romano: Person in Charge of Environmental and Territory Sectors; Managing Director of Unità di Mondo S.r.l. (investee company);
  • Dott. Geol. Carlo Sarzi PuttiniPerson in Charge of Environmental Sector;
  • Dott.ssa Geol. Monica Civitenga: Person in Charge of Geotechnical Sector.


Lybra ambiente e territorio also makes use of the constant and continuous collaboration of the following professionals: