In hydrogeology area, Lybra Ambiente e territorio has all the skills necessary for the management and solution of the various topics related to groundwater. In addition to a solid preparation with regard to regulatory issues, many years of experience in hydrogeological field has allowed us to address and solve different problems.


The construction of a well for water passes through different phases characterized by many aspects.


During the execution of the work, to a careful presence in dealing with authorities, it adds the aspect of project management and the supply of all that is expected in the construction of the well.


On completion of procedure, Lybra ambiente e territorio supports and follows the client regarding the operations necessary for the maintenance of the realized work.


Lybra ambiente e territorio designs wells for different uses (heat pump, drinking, irrigation, etc.), wells dimensioned by using software specially structured for the purpose. In this way it is possible to evaluate the effects of wells or fields of wells on the captured aquifer both at the level of flow and transport of some parameters (heat and salinity).


As part of remediation projects, Lybra ambiente e territorio environment and spatial design wells barrier, if necessary with suitable systems for collection and removal of the supernatant phase, in order to contain the contamination.


Person in Charge: Dott. Geol. Roberto Verro