In the field of geotechnics Lybra ambiente e territorio, thanks to the technical knowledge and experience gained from years of activity, is able to address and solve the different problems that arise in the study and modeling of the behavior of the "soil", it is understood such as soil or rock, and geotechnical engineering works that interact with it.


The company Lybra ambiente e territorio operates with the aim of ensuring, in a highly qualified and specialized way, and in full compliance with the regulations and procedures that are recognized both nationally and internationally, the complete resolution of the problems of civil engineering in the geotechnical field.


The services provided in the geotechnics sector by Lybra ambiente e territorio concern:

  • Static and dynamic penetration tests with mechanics tip (CPT) and piezocone (CPT-U)
  • Continuous core drillings and destruction of nucleus core drillings both vertical and inclined
  • tests S.P.T. in the probe hole
  • pressuremetric tests, dilatometric tests, scissometric tests
  • installation of piezometers with different diameters
  • load tests on plate
  • reshaped and undisturbed sampling
  • geotechnical laboratory tests
  • hydrogeological tests (permeability and flow rate)
  • Lefranc tests with constant and variable hydraulic load, Lugeon tests, infiltration tests
  • inclinometric measurements
  • seismic surveys (MASW, ReMi, Down Hole)
  • geoelectric surveys
  • georadar


Within the field of geotechnics Lybra ambiente e territorio develops all professional activities relating to:

  • the "geotechnical design", understood as the set of project activities that involve the interaction building / land in global and local safety conditions
  • operations for soil improvement and reinforcement
  • works in bulk materials
  • the study of excavation surfaces
  • the study of the stability of slopes
  • checking of the risk of soil liquefaction under seismic conditions
  • the seismic analysis of the site
  • mapping and seismic micro-zoning of the land


Person in Charge: Dott.ssa Geol. Monica Civitenga