Since the birth of the Italian rules in the environmental area, we have always dealt with the issues and problems related to pollution of soil and water.


The skills developed over fifteen years of presence in this sector, merged into a multidisciplinary and cohesive team work, allow us to successfully deal with issues ranging from the preliminary assessment of the risk areas to a detailed design of remediation.


Lybra ambiente e territorio  operates with the aim of ensuring, in a highly qualified and specialized way, and in full compliance with the regulations and procedures that are recognized both nationally and internationally, complete solution of environmental problems.


The services provided in the environmental sector by Lybra ambiente e territorio concern:

  • Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) of Fase I and II according to ASTM rules
  • Issue and execution of environmental investigation plans
  • Issue and execution of characterization plans
  • Analysis of costs vs benefits for technical assistance to the buying and selling of residential and industrial areas
  • Modelling of propagation of pollutants in different environmental media
  • Analysis of health risk according to the ASTM RBCA
  • Screening Matrix and Design of remediation and safety measures
  • Technical support for the preparation of calls for tender documents, preparation of specifications and technical assistance in the drafting of contracts
  • Supervision and testing of environmental remediation works, and drafting of the final activities report
  • Drafting ofplans forwaste removal
  • Drafting of plans to usesoil and rock excavation”

Persons in Charge:

Dott. Geol. Alberto Romano         Dott. Geol. Carlo Sarzi Puttini

romano@lybra-at.it                          sarzi@lybra-at.it